Need help with steering setup

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Sep 15, 2010
Lutz, FL
I am in the middle of putting 80 axles and suspension under my 40 and have run into a problem as far as steering goes. The plan was to use the fj80 box, but mounting it has turned into an issue. In the picture I am holding it basically where it would need to be to be in proper alignment with the panhard. The problem is that this positioning interferes with the front bib, radiator, and crossmember. I realize that I will have to make a new crossmember anyhow, but would rather not notch the bib and move the radiator. Is it possible to space the steering box off the frame 2 inches and sleeve bolt holes all the way through (with solid 2 in spacer between box and frame? Or is that a no no? I was trying to see if I could run the draglink behind the axle, but the high pinion diff would interfere. This is all on a budget and I would like to use the 80 pump. Are there any other options or things I should look at? Any help apprecciated I am a newbie at fabbing this stuff up.
Spacing it will limit tire clearance and create a ton of leverage on your frame.

My recommendation in this situation is to go with a Saginaw setup or mount the box further back and build a custom panhard.
Or cut the bib...
Spacing it would be a bad idea IMO for the reasons mentioned above. Those boxes are under a LOT of stress when working.
x2 on scout power steering... could be an option for you... i picked my steering box and pump up for a $100 used

here is it mounted...
also look at ... my 45 with a difference.... he is doing the same set up as you with the 80 series axle and 80 series power steering box... only on the passenger side of the frame

his thread is here in the hardcore section...

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