Need help with right mirror

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Happened on my 2008 as well... Drives u nuts when the mirror moves when driving...

Warranty - they replaced the entire mirror..
Both my mirrors do it. Almost like it twitches. Very annoying! Has anyone with this issue had it fixed and what did Toyota have to do to resolve the issue?
A good place to start would be here. Its from 80s tech on how to fix a shaky mirror in that series. Hope it helps.
Very interesting. Not sure if this is the same mirror they are referring to, but I just got a new TSB email today regarding SB-0017-11:

Service Bulletin Number: SB-0017-11
NHTSA Item Number: 10037590

I'd recommend to contact your dealer and inquire specifically about this TSB. They should be able to provide you a copy. Apparently the fix is "A bolt set has been developed to change this condition."
My 09 LC driver's side mirror became loose/wobbly about 2 months ago. I forgot to mention it when I took it in for an oil change a couple weeks ago. It's only annoying sometimes. The rest of the time, it's not so noticeable. Good to know it's not just mine.
Contact your dealership for a copy of the TSB.
JBHorne said:
Contact your dealership for a copy of the TSB.
Toyota already ordered the parts for both mirrors to fi the issue. They told me I have to signup for TSBs. Really annoying
My '09 LC's driver's side mirror housing started flapping in the breeze a bit this summer, so when I took it to the dealer for an oil change the other day I asked them to look at it. Two things: first, they said they tightened the bolts (a lie - it's still flapping); and second, said "well, a TSB is not a recall" when I asked about it. The dealer has been okay until now. Maybe I just learned to avoid Friday appointments. Just curious if more people have noticed between an eighth and a quarter inch of free play for the whole housing, not just the mirror itself?
Just so i know, is the dealer supposed to eat the cost of a TSB?

Also, what does it mean to sign up for a TSB?


Just so i know, is the dealer supposed to eat the cost of a TSB?

Also, what does it mean to sign up for a TSB?



Yes, to you first question about cost if the vehicle is under warranty.

As to your second question, it simply means if you want to be informed of Technical Service Bulletins (which are not as serious as recalls) you will need to put your name down on their mailing list.

On a related note, no vibrations on my 2010 (an updated part?) but the passenger mirror squeaks when going down into the reverse position. I'll apply some WD40 when I can be bothered.
Update: Got a copy of the TSB. See attached. Confirmed with the dealership these parts are are ~$17 per side.


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I want to do this fix but can't figure out how to get to the screws. Can somebody explain it?
You need to pop off the plastic cover on the underside of the mirror. It starts at the base of the mirror near the door, you will see it. Get a small plastic tool or something to wedge it out, so you do not scratch the other parts. Don't worry about breaking the cover you take out because a new one is included with the new bolts. I did this to both my mirrors, right side just as a precaution, and have had no problems since. Bolts have a star pattern head. I used a lego prying tool from my kids to pop it off. Now I keep it in my tool box!

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