Need fuel cans

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Jereme aka 24HOURSOFNEVADA had some at one time. Not sure if he has any left or not. Send him a PM.
Yeah, I had about 112 Scepters in my garage for a few days. Those are all sold, but I'll call you.
IMO, wet paper towels hold gas better than Blitz cans off any stripe.

Summit has a selection but they seem pricey to me. Twim City is another good place to look.
Scepter first 20L, or something of high quality 5gal.

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Where I got my set. Theyre steel and come with TWO different caps. I ONLY use the storage cap as it seals extremely well and I use a shaker siphon for the fill duty.

Here's a pic of them!
002 (3).jpg
Nice job, that was fast. sells replacement gaskets if/when the need arises.
Unless it's a trade secret, where did you find those?
Very nice. I have a set of 4 that I've had for many years now and the only complaint was the plastic piece on the nozzle. I got mine from Atlantic british

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