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Jul 7, 2005
I need help. I am not sure which disc brakes to upgrade too. I have been reading and reading but I am going into overload. Should it be a mini truck, later fj40 or 60/62. I have a fj55 with about 3 inches total lift and running 33's. I do plan on going to 35's as soon as I finish the p/s and the disc brakes. My wheeling will not be crazy but I would like to do Moab and some Baja stuff, I'll have to think about the Rubicon. What would you guys do. As this is my daily driver, I want to get all the pieces and build something up to slap right in. The truck has a shackel reversal on it so I dont think I will be going soa as it has lifted it about three inches. It has two in over shackles and two in springs in the rear to level it out. Mabey soa out back with stock springs and shackle and lift springs up front. How does that sound. I guess I need more help than just brakes.:D HELP, I fear commitment


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Oct 1, 2003
I would find the mini truck or 60/62 knuckles and then use the vented Land Cruiser rotors on either hub, with 1992 V6 4runner calipers for front brakes.
Jun 19, 2005
Tacoma, WA
I was in a simlar situation as you. I just got my cruiser last year and the first thing I wanted was disks. Luckly, I found someone local who had about 90% of all the parts who gave them to me becuase he went on to a different project. I went with the mini beucase there really wasnt a choice on which set up I was going to use.

I know there are different disks and calipars you can use, me I kept it simple and used the stock, non vented disks and stock calipars. I wheeled it for a while and didnt have any problems and I was very impressed how it came out. I mar-tacked the axles and had no problems. Grinding the front axle was no big deal either. The biggest thing was all the greese and the whole box of towels to clean it all out of the axle housing.

Go for it, you will be happy in the end. You should be able to find a full axle on the marlin board. let me know if you need any help.


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