Need a New Grinder

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Jul 26, 2008
hanford, ca
My Dayton 1/3 hp bench grinder took a sh!!!t, and I'm looking for a replacement. Lowes has DeWalt, and a few other brands. My needs are mostly for knife making needs. Little stuff to hogging off lots of stock removal. My budget will not alow a Baldor, or high end "Offical Knife Fab Equpt."
What are your recommendations and/or experience?

PS, asked a local Elect Shop about repairs, and the guy said, "I've never had any luck with Daytons, but bring it on over if you want". Boy, that instills alot of confidence in this dolts abilities.
I swear by makita power tools. My grinder is flawless, so is my sander, sawzall, impacts, and drills.
check craigslist, auctions and garagesales for an older unit. I got mine at an auction, under $50. on a stand, older than me. I like it alot and it's heavy.
I bought a new taiwan unit once that I had to 'kickstart' it to get it to run. lol
Forgot to mention, I use one side of the grinder for buffing wheels. I didn't think it will make a differance, as the most load will be on the grinding stone? I also am changing the buffing wheels farily offten.
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buy used old made in the states if possible. The older the unit, the more heavy duty and stronger it is.

I had a friend move, and she gave me her grinder that I think is 20 plus years old.

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