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I thought about it. Would be kinda cool :)
Definitely see if we can get the forms together! I'd be in for an ONSC license plate.
Did a little digging after my last post. Info out there is kinda vague.

It seems like you still need 300 (although a few said 150 and 1 even said 200) applicants for the actual plate and need to petition the general assembly.

Apparently some groups with 2000+ members have been trying for years but still haven't gotten it in.

I emailed the DMV directly to see if they could confirm the actual process and number of applicants. :cheers:

Let me know if you hear anything on your end.
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My dad was just part of the petition for one and he said 150 if memory serves. I'll confirm and keep digging. 150 could be doable don't you think?

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I talked with a friend who is a former state senator and has done one of these a few years back. He said it does require GA approval but there are usually members who take these things on when session is in (next years session does not convene until May BTW). I am having drinks n dinner next week with some people who will know how this really works. Once I get an update I will let everyone know. It is doable just takes an act of congress ( ha ha) and enough orders ( which I think is 150) of the plates themselves.

I will be in touch.

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An act of congress they only act if it benefits them.

I like the idea. How do we decide what the plate would look like? I like my crockpot plate that I have now

There is no doubt about that...always with a hand out...

I thought that the ONSC logo would be nice but am up for anything. Thoughts?

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