Parting Out NC: 1989 brown FJ62 interior and misc engine parts electronics (1 Viewer)

Oct 18, 2015
All prices are + shipping unless noted otherwise.

Updated: 3/29/21

Front lower footwell corner covers: $5 each
Glove box door (minus lock) $10
Distributor: $120
Ignition cylinder + glove box cylinder with 1 matching key: $60
Seatbelt warning 85991-22020: $10
Charge lamp relay 27790-13010: $20
Transmission control module O/D 89530-60020: $20
Circuit opening relay 85910-14020: $30
EGR vacuum MODULATOR: $30
Brown door cards: front passenger $20,left rear $20
Air pump brace bar 1731861060: $10
Fan/water pump pulley 1617361070: $35
Smog pump: $150
Idler pulley with bracket: $30
AC compressor untested: $50
AC lines: $20 each
Headlight door, right side only: $50
Front valence: $15, rusted corners
Rear sway bar frame bracket, only one: $36
Rear sway bar: $40
Fuel door: $15
Throttle body: $50
Used Toyota windshield: $100 pick up only. Typical pitting and wiper marks, no cracks or chips

Horns L/H working sold
Rear vertical plastic trim: sold
Front Seat brackets left/right sets: sold
Steering column assembly, with upper bracket, less ignition cylinder: sold
Upper and lower thermostat housing with new Aisin thermostat and gaskets: sold
Upper driver side brown fabric cover: sold
Brake reservoir cap with sensor: sold
Tool bag: sold
Front marker light: sold
Front turn signals some cracks/chips: sold
Brown door card front passenger: sold speaker cover/map pocket
Brake reservoir cap with sensor: s
Rebuilt Denso alternator: sold
Front tow hook: sold
Rear seat upper latches: sold
Rear 3 point seat belt complete with vinyl brown wheel arches: sold
Window regulators, right rear only: sold
Hood spring hinges: sold
Interior rear view mirror: sold
Fuel separator: sold
Coil with igniter assembly tested/working: sold
Accordion tube and connector: sold
Distributor boot: sold
Radiator overflow bottle: sold
Rear seat carpet holder metal trim:3pieces: sold
Overflow bottle bracket: sold
Parking brake boot (torn): sold
Carb cooling fan: price drop: sold
Glove box interior: sold
Grille: sold
Driver side seat adjuster price drop: sold
Brown arm rests, 4: sold
Power steering pump:sold
Steering gear with pitman arm and output shaft: sold
Cigarette lighter connector: sold
Rear wiper switch: sold
Dash illumination section: sold
Complete instrument panel: sold
Fuel connector: sold
Cold star injector: sold
MAF: sold
Alternator brackets and adj screws: sold
Gas pedal and throttle cable: sold
Rear upper hatch with glass: sold
Power antenna with new mast, reconditioned, tested and working: sold
Ash tray: sold
Rear wheel ornaments: Sold
Auto shift assembly with base and gasket (without outer most plastic bezel - already sold): sold
Radio (radio works great but cassette not working/LCD has black spots) : sold
Rear upper seat back: sold
ECU computer tested /working: sold
Fan and clutch: sold
Upper radiator support brace: sold
Center vertical hood latch brace: sold
Hood latch mechanism: sold
Steering wheel Brown: sold
Aftermarket rear view: sold
Brown fuse cover: sold
Fan shroud: sold
Rear heat switch with new sticker: sold
Chrome drip rail: sold
Driver front door card: sold
Brake switch: sold
Taillight housing with gasket: sold
Door lock actuators (4) : sold
B-pillar covers price drop: sold
Ac dash control unit: sold
Mirror switch: sold
Washer bottle: sold
Rear wiper motor: sold
Front seat belt receivers: sold
Air box minus MAF: sold
Ac dash control unit: sold
Lock cylinder driver, passenger, gas door (no rear hatch): sold
Center console: sold
Steering column clamshell: sold
Rear speaker set with grill, mesh, mounting, speaker: Sold
Rear speaker brackets: Sold
Window relay green: Sold
Indicator/wiper stalk: Sold
Ac trim plastic: sold
OEM power side mirrors: Sold
Rear vents: Sold
Visors: Sold
Rear tool access cover: sold
Left Rear speaker panel: sold
Washer access plastic cover: sold



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Oct 18, 2015
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Oct 18, 2015
List updated above. Some pictures of the items are found in the classified parts section and not the parting out section, I will move them over soon.

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