Wanted NC:1978 FJ40 Rear Tub Upper Rails

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Dec 3, 2021
Raleigh, NC
Looking for a set of rear tub rails to replace the corroded sections on my 1978 FJ40. Located in eastern NC.

I have a set of replacement quarter panels from CCOT, but frankly have nothing to weld them to. Internally, the steel looks ok along the rail, but I'm looking for a decent part for the angled section where the roof sides meet the tub.

IMG_8026 2.jpeg
No I haven’t used them personally but I have heard both good and bad. Mostly bad on the complete tubs. I would think it would be closer than you trying to piece together used parts with that degree of metal loss. Seems like a lot of work
Just buy new quarter panels from pacol that include the upper rail….

I have personal experience with this, and you don't want to do this. The rail lip that engages the hardtop was off by 1/2", so you could never have installed the hard top if you installed the fender. The 2nd set of fenders was closer, but a disaster in many other ways. You would be much better off with OEM Toyota, even if it involves far more welding and fiddling around. If you add in the cost, shipping time, shipping damage, etc. with a PACOL part, you can do better.
This is where I got my rear quarter panels and floor panels from back in 2016. They were way better than Pacol. Not sure how they are now.

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