SOLD Navigation Delete OEM Parts for 2003+ Land Cruiser 100 (1 Viewer)

Jan 9, 2016
Washington DC / NOVA
All parts have been sold.


Hi Everyone,

I've recently sold my 2003 LC100. Over the past year i've acquired (what i believe to be) all the parts necessary for removal of the Navigation System to replace it with an aftermarket unit and OEM HVAC controls.

I've sourced these parts primarily from the UAE and so had to pay shipping and tax/duties on them. All in it came to around $1,500. I've posted a picture with all the info and the price i'd hope to get. But feel free to make an offer. I can definitely make a deal for someone who wants the whole kit.

Parts are all new in box, never installed. I know there is some variation in parts for later years so all part numbers are in the image below.

Here's Jerryb's thread about the process:


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