My Never Ending Battle with Water Continues

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Jan 4, 2014
Little Rock, Arkansas
Being a longtime slalom skier, water and I have had a love-hate relationship. I came out to the truck this morning to head to class and I noticed there was a little water down in the passenger side footwell that had soaked into the speaker mesh.

At first I thought it was my air conditioning condenser(?) that was dripping because I've had this problem in the past. But then I looked up...

I snapped a few pics but didn't have time to fix it. I threw it in reverse and backed up my driveway to leave and about 2 cups of water dumped into both the passenger seat and my lap as it made it's way over to the drivers side. I park facing downhill at a very steep angle with the front right headlight being at the lowest position.

I figure the culprits are clogged sunroof drain hoses because I've also had this problem in the past but I wanted to get a few opinions from you guys. So, what do you think? I planned on doing a bit of PM this weekend (oil/filter change, replace tire that has puncture in sidewall, clean throttle body, etc..) and if I needed to add this to the list I will.

One last thing. After I got back home I took off the passenger door trim at the bottom as well as the cowl panel in the passenger footwell to expose all the electrical connections. Should I worry about these being harmed by the water?

I'm assuming as long as it doesn't touch the ECU behind the glove box I'll be fine. I appreciate any input!
That sucks. I'd guess your drain tubes are clogged. Good luck!
Get some weed wacker line, that works great for shoving down the sunroof drains and clearing them. When you're done, test by pouring in a little water and looking for it draining behind the front wheel under the truck. If it's not simply plugged, it's possible the drain line disconnected behind the headliner, the test will let you know.

At the least I'd leave the trim off the electrics for them to dry out, best I'd hit it with a hairdryer or compressor, just to ensure you don't get corrosion down the road.
^^ this. I have to clear my drains once a year. Stinks. I feel your pain. My sunroof is inoperable so I actually have to unbolt the glass to do this. Big pain. Sorry.

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