My first LC!

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Apr 12, 2019

Supposed to pick this up sometime this weekend. Seller was asking $7500. Dropped it to $6900 after seeing how much work it needed. Getting it for $5600. Hope it’s not too good to be true. It does need work and the guy told me all about it. He has extra parts for it. I always wanted one and just happened to see this one before it went on CL. A local Dr. was going to buy it but the seller called me back to offer it to me. Any thoughts, advice etc. would be much appreciated.

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Looks like a pretty solid deal there. The issues posted in the ad are pretty common. Spend the extra money you saved to baseline the truck and you'll be good to go. Cool color btw.
Cool rig, looks like a pretty good deal.. common issues, I agree with the above.. use the money you saved and baseline and take care of a couple little things, then go wheeling!
Congratulations!!! You might consider cashing in your 401K, it’ll be worth it. Almost kidding. Baseline and enjoy. Make improvements that matter.
Be sure and go to the Cottonland Cruisers page in the clubhouse. There are quite a few of us in the Hattiesburg/Jackson area that are here to help. Congrats on the purchase.
Congratulations. As the guys mentioned earlier baseline it, I am sure it won't need much especially if the seller took care of it. Get the driveline issues squared away.

Word of advice if you are replacing the rotors on the front don't pull the hub apart till you break loose the bolts holding the hub/rotor loose.

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