Wanted My buddy needs help in Pendleton

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Sep 14, 2005
The NW, Cascade Mountian Range
United States
Some of you may remember me asking about if a transfercase can come off a automatic trans. well it cant, and its a POS for it! any way he bought a manual, and just put it in, but its junk! :mad:

if any one has a W or G series trans for sale between Salem, OR and Kelso, WA and as far east as Pendelton, OR I need to buy it so i can deliver it to my buddy. Hell, I'd drive farther if need be, hes my good buddy, and I'd do anything for him.

any help guys? :D
i got a junk g52 sitting in the backyard here in denver, guessing that won't help you out though:D
not sure what the g or w series came in... i've got an auto from a 92 FJ80 with t-case in seattle. would that help? what is the vehicle in question?
were on a tight time frame. today, or tomorrow.

only manual trans. on trucks with 4WD, from 83-95. with or with out tcase. i have spare tcases to make things work.
you can interchange tcases of the same type. if its gear driven, to gear driven. vs chain to chain.

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