My 80 w/ "Sean" rear bumper v. 2 Camrys (1 Viewer)

May 4, 2010
La Mirada, CA
Well, I was crawling through town to get my son's haircut appointment yesterday early evening. I come to red light and stop with the rest of the traffic. Patiently waiting we start to sing some kiddie songs. I have a 3 yr old and 9 month old in the rig. All of a sudden Eeeeerrr..BAM! BAM! I looked back through my rear view and saw Toyota emblem too close for comfort. I get out and noticed that the car behind me was rear ended and pushed into my rear bumper.

I got hit?

This is the Camry that got pushed into me:

This the Camry the Camry that rear ended the one behind me:

Overall it was a low speed accident and damage to the vehicles were not that bad. Kids we are little shaken up more because I had to leave them in there with AC running while I took pics and exchanged info. Sean's rear bumper is strong and well built. Thanks Sean for a great product. I hear you are shipping now?
Nov 26, 2006
San Antonio.
Originally Posted by wearsabrowncoat
No scratches on your bumper but it looks slightly bowed in.

I'm not seeing it. If you draw a straight line from end-to-end, there is no deviation.
You must be using your x-ray vision perk to draw the line through the tire to the other end of the bumper that us ordinary folks can't see in that picture.

But seriously it looks bowed in. He needs their insurance to replace it.

I'll take dibs on it when it posts in the classifieds. ;)
Jan 31, 2010
That is why I want my rear bumper one day soon.

I am probably more likely to get rear ended than front ended with the ARB in front
Aug 31, 2009
Gotta love steel. I really would H8 to drive a vehicle with all that plastic. No protection. Sean's bumper is definitely on the list of things to do. For the price, I think it's the best out there.

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