My 73 FJ40 for sale

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Aug 15, 2005
Lemoore, CA (south of Fresno) / Cortes Island, B.C
Son's tuition went up and want to keep him in private school, so I need to sell my FJ40.
It will need drivelines. I have the yokes and can make a front one for you, but with the new tranny/tcase, you will need a rear driveline.
1973 FJ40
Lock Right lockers font rear
Dana 18
60 series front axle and steering (have everything for hydro assist)
front disk brakes
Spring over
35" tires
60 series ignition, runns fantastic
flipped front and rear springs
have fold tumble seat for passengers (not in rig)
full cage welded to frame
Runs fantastic and never worried about being stranded.

Priced to sell fast 5,000 OBO PLEASE MAKE AN OFFER. Willing to take offers! NO TRADES!!

Lemoore, CA
PM me or call my cell 559 707 seven one 92
more pcis
WOW, Dan. What are you gonna do?

BTW, Is that picture on your desktop? It's a cool shot.
Great price..
Dude.....get out a hustle after work make some side cash.

I went to public school nothing wrong with me :D

I hope you can pull threw without getting rid of the Cruiser cause in a year you'll literally be breaking your own leg just to fold it up and kick yourself in the balls ;)
^ i agree
Yeah it came up all of a sudden. I need to keep it for sale for an option right now. Worse comes to worse, it will be two years before i can get something else when the economy changes a bit and I can get back to teaching some night classes at the junior colleges. I am thinking a fully built mini with dual cases. I can find those built really well for 5 or 6 grand.

It will be for sale until it either sells or we get through this spot. We are trying to get connor into a really good charter school but will not know until end of month. right now, we are paying beyond 600 bucks a month for the school and after care daycare. It is tough on the wallet and mroe expensive to sending him to college.
Nothing wrong with the GreenHorn?
For all intensive purposes, I have to look like I am trying to sell the rig and I will for the correct price which has to be enough to put a 3" budget lift on the FJ Cruiser so I can keep my 35s on that rig and put the older 37s on the 40. The rest goes into the education fund for my son. I finally got the 40 to where I want it now may have to let it go.

Ao if anyone knows of someone looking, let them know.

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