My 2nd FJ40 (1984)

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Sep 25, 2007
Perth Australia
Hey guys - I have been on these forums for quite a while but never really introduced myself - cant thank all of you enough for the knowledge I have gained

Well i have sold my first 40 and moved onto something a little more practical

Old Girl

New one as it was...

and after the long weekend cleaning her up and taking the crap off...

Its in pretty good nick ...bit of rust but not too bad. Has a stock Holley 350 and its horrid...stalls going uphill etc so I REALLY want to go back to the Aisan - its also on LPG but I'm unsure if ill keep this as I value the space in the back and don't know if it will work with an Aisan carb I do have a problem that I would like some opinions on however.... would you drive on this? Didn't notice when I got it but I would think its pretty unsafe... both front springs are like this...


So what do ya think? new springs asap? seems to drive ok... no clunks or anything VERY bouncy though much more than the old one but i figured it has different rate springs on....

if I am going to replace what do you think I should do as far as springs and shocks? I don't want a huge lift and don't know if what it has is stock? tires are 31x10.5 - don't think i would go higher than 33in 12.5 (I'm in Perth Australia)


Thats not good change those leafs asap one good bump and you will jump the leaf off the shackle.
How come you pulled the decals they looked good IMO
Were did you get the top for the red one I like those short tops don't see them that often only overseas,do you know if they still sell them and were would i order one from.
Looks like a nice clean Cruiser with almost no signs of rust, i guess it has the 3B how about the trany 5 or 4
Top was on the red one when i got it - primary reason for getting rid of it was that it didnt have a hardtop... but you see quite alot of those tops over here

the decals were all peeling and cracking - you cant see that in the pic tho so they had to go - had shocking old tint aswell all bubbled and scratched.

its a 2f with a holley 350 and an OMVL gas unit, 5 spd gearbox which is much nicer @ 110 (edit: km/h and that is meant to read the 5 speed is good.... not the holley :p)than the 4 on the 79 -but yeah -dont know about keeping the gas
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