Muhammed wants a cruiser

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Jun 5, 2005
Madison NC

so the 80 is on jackstands sportin some 31's while the taco gets to run on the LC wheels/tires. and lo and behold some dude in a Dodge Bam pulls in the driveway and knocks on the door. He proceeds to try and tell me my cruiser is no good but he wants it:rolleyes: so he starts at 2k:lol: and makes it all the way to 3k before he starts to get the idea that im not joking about 15k firm. he continues to argue my truck is not worth that much and believes it doesnt run well b/c its on jackstands. and he says he sees it w/ the hood up all the time( little does he know that one is not mine:doh:). still he gives me his card says he will get me another nicer one. he gets em all the time for 2 thousand. i told him for 3k he could have the pig:grinpimp: but he declined and i yet dont have the word for the look on his face when i walked him around the house to the cruiser i would sell him.

and yes muhammed is his real name, Muhammed Markalaar and he he buys 80s and sends em back to egypt all the time;)
too funny Jason. You were much nicer than I would have been. But then again stringing him along would be pretty funny too. what a tard.
If he did that to me I would RTI ramp his car.
i think our cruisers attract idiots....this is the second funny cruiser story in a week.

I'm not saying we're you guys get the point.:D

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