Mud caked on frame, how to get off?

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Feb 2, 2005
Albemarle NC
Twice I have tried putting sprinklers under the truck for a couple hours at a time, did nothing. Went to the "quarter squirt" car wash and tried to pressure it off, still nothing.

It's horrible working under it with all the dust and filth that falls on your face and when I'm not wearing protective eye wear, in my eyes.

Anything I should try to get it off? I have a pressure washer, any stuff I should run with it that might eat away at this stuff?

Simple green...
What I've done in the past to keep it from sticking in the first place is to put some ATF in a paint sprayer and coat the underside of the truck. Then the mud slides right off. It also seems to help to loosen caked on mud too. Maybe try spraying some ATF on there, let it sit for a while, and then try to pressure wash that whole mess off there. The atf still makes it messy to work on, but it keeps the mud and rust off.
What's ATF? Tranny fluid? I have this same problem.
Well, I reckon when I change the ATF soon, then I'll use the old (good idea?) to coat the chassis after I clean it with simple green (through the pressure washer?).
Yeah, sorry guys. ATF= Automatic Transmission Fluid. The reason for atf and not regular motor oil is that atf will not rot rubber or plastics. Oil will deteroirate some types of those. It shouldn't hurt anything. If your concerned about the red drips, some people use clear hydrualic fluid too. A lot of the Rednecks here in New England do it to their cars to protect from rust. That's why I did it to start with, but the mud protection was a side effect. It really does work great. I did a skid plate on one truck of mine but not the rest of the truck. After wheeling I looked and the plate was clean and the rest was coated in crap.
There's a guy that's posted over in the 40 section that rented some sort of contraption that basically allowed him to use high pressure, high tempure, with something like simple green in it, and he cleaned it up real nice it looked like. I seem to recall that the temp was around 180 degrees. Found the link for you, here it is:

Good luck!
Just let it soak more with the sprinkler.
It will come off.

use the right nozzle.

I've got 150psi water pressure at my hose bib, and when I hook up one of these solid brass hose nozzles with the small hole, it will blast paint off the truck! Seriously, if you've got high pressure, one of those nozzles will blast anything off the frame, I've done it many times.

You're gonna end up soaked in the process, though! :grinpimp:

to make it faster/easier, soak it a long time with the sprinkler to soften it first.
I tried soaking the front part of the frame for 3 hours with the sprinkler, then hit it with the quarter squirt (200psi I believe), and it didn't put a dent in it.

This is Southeastern clay-mud that has been caked on this thing for about 4-5 months, it isn't the pansy stuff you Cali. guys see.
I'll vouch for that - it is some nasty, nasty stuff that is more stubborn than the day is long to remove!!

PM Concretejungle. He usually applies something (forgot what) to his undercarriage before he hits Uwharrie and it falls right off during cleanup.

Of course that's the proactive and not reactive approach and doesn't really answer your question...
Degreaser sprayed on complete undercarriage, let it soak, and take it up to the do it yourself carwash and hit it with a pressure washer.
Drive it over rocks to scrape the mud off.
rent a hot water pressure washer and never look back.........

worked for me

the one I rented was called a "Landa"

this is the magic wand you are looking for.....

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