[MS]V8 350/Eldebrock Performer intake / Holly Avenger 4B/ Advance Adapter to H42 (1 Viewer)


Jan 6, 2009
Mississippi, Southern part
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I posted this in the main section, just posting it here too.

I modified this post on 8/21/2013 to include the Advance Adapters kit with the motor. I closed the orginal post because the title did not inlcude the AA adaptor kit.
I Took a different direction on the power for build project that I just finished (almost) and have this motor that I would like to sell.
chevy 350, early 80's, Eldebrock Performer intake, Holley Avenger 4 barrell, new chrome oil pan, new chrome valve covers, new rear mail seal. the engine comes with a water pump, alternator, power steering pump (saginaw), starter, breather, exhaust manifolds, HEI dizzy (large head), flywheel, fuel pump and motor mounts (advance adapter style), Advance Adapters bellhousing, flywheel, used clutch and pressure plate.
I pulled all the accessaries off including the intake to clean and paint. I installed a new rear main seal. the inside of the motor was clean with no build up. The intake was installed with new gaskets and the valve covers have new gaskets.
Included with the motor is an Advance Adapter to Toyota H41 Bellhousing adapter kit, clutch and pressure plate, with the rear transfer case support bracket.
I was asking $1,200 for the motor, Advance Adapters bellhouseing, clutch and pressure plate. I am cleaning out my shop and my next project will be a diesal (if I do one). Therefore, I need to move this. So my new price is $800 for the pacakge. Here are several pictures, which do not show the water pump(old pump), alternator, power steering, starter, or brether but they are included.
I will mount the flywheel, clutch and pressure plate. Basically, this will be a complete motor with an Advance Adapters bellhousing, mounts and brackets ready to put your Toyota h41 to it.
I can arrange shipping. I can completely finish putting the motor together as part of the deal or leave it like it is for mods or inspection.
email gwalt584@aol.com[/EMAIL"]gwalt584@aol.com"]gwalt584@aol.com[/EMAIL[/EMAIL"]gwalt584@aol.com"]gwalt584@aol.com[/EMAIL"]gwalt584@aol.com"]gwalt584@aol.com[/EMAIL[/EMAIL]] or call me at 601-319-9970.



Picture of Adapter- before cleaning it up.

Picture of flywheel and clutch disk.

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