mounting a warn m8274

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Feb 9, 2002
anyone have one of these who can post some pics of how they mounted it?
this is the winch sitting on my bumper... i don't know how i'm going to do it. i'm going to build a new bumper anyway so no worries there.
i got this winch for free and it is in perfect working condition!


L-bracket from 1/4" (or larger?) plate, an inch or two longer than the winch, with triangular gussets on each end. Bolt or weld front edge to bumper, add a cross-brace to hold the rear up and a hole for the cable. Add a fairlead.

You have the housing for the end of the spool, right? :) Then 4 bolts to hold it on is all it takes.

ps - My wife and sons bought me a Man-a-fre bumper with winch mount, so I haven't built one. Simple design though.

pps - Isn't it funny how some guys just show up on the forum from out of the blue and start answering questions like they knew something? :G Who is this theo anyway? Don't worry, he'll disappear again.
i got this winch for free and it is in perfect working condition!

It may be in perfect working condition, but you're missing a piece, see the below picture, which will also show you how it should be mounted!
yes i have all of the pieces.  i was simply setting it on the bumper to get an idea of how it would look, and do draw up some plans on how to mount it.
thanks for the pic.  that is a great way to mount it... i think i'll build mine just like that.
you don't happen to know the thickness of steel used on your bumper and plate do you?  i'm having my friend bend me one in his dad's machine shop.  i think he can do up to 3/8, but i don't think i'll go that think :)
obviously if it is working condition i have all of the pieces. i didn't think it was necessary to display the entire winch just to mentally draw up some plans.
thank for the pic though... that answers my questions quite nicely

Obviously, it is only obvious to you, since we didn't see all the pieces. In any case, this pic is from Cool Cruisers ad for their new Hell for Stout bumpers. The 8274 version is just out, and on sale for $199.95. I ordered one yesterday! Also, here is a linke to Nolen's 40, Kate, with his new Hell for Stout bumper!
thanks again. i especially like the way he built brackets to mount the bumper with the bolts in the front.

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