Motor mounts

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Aug 2, 2003
Naples/Big Pine Key, Fl
So I finished fabbing up the family cage on the 40, and was fixing so other issues since I was on a roll. Got a nasty clunk in reverse, checked the ujoints, seem fine. Popped the hood and lo and behold got a busted motor mount. Anyone have a good source for them? ???
I got mine from TPI. They had the cheapest prices that I had found.
Steve: I got mine from JT Outfitters at $30 a piece and have been very pleased with them. Sometimes thier service is below par, but this part was as close to OEM quality as it gets. Check out thier website. At the time they had the best price I could find. GOOD LUCK ps No affiliation with JTO (thank goodness)
Hey, speaking of motormounts, I've got the old round donut style, but I've heard that the later square style will replace them exactly, and it is supposed to be a better design. Anybody ever swapped old for new?? ???
Yep, they work great.
Thanks, me thinks I may be due. Are they pricey OEM?
I never looked into OEM. I think I paid $30 for them, but I recently saw them for $20. I just can't remember where.

Unless OEM are different, I think you will only find the newer style now.
I think SOR shows the old style, but if the better design is a shoe-in... ;)
Anyone check out the deal that CoolCruisers has on Motor mounts? Complete set for less than 50 bucks.

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