Moon Roof - how to manually close it ???

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Mar 17, 2016
Advance, NC
I am curious. My son came home with his Isuzu Trooper and we needed to close
his electric Moon Roof. On the Trooper there is a hole that you insert an Allen
Wrench in and doing so you can crank the Moon Roof closed.

I was curious about how its done with my LX470 just in case I was in a situation
where I needed to manually close the Moon Roof. Can anyone tell me how?
Sadly, there is no mechanical override on the sunroof. My parents' '90 4Runner had a mechanical override but my 98 4Runner does not. Nor my Dad's 2016 Tacoma, '12 Kia Sportage, or my Ford Fusion. I am not sure why they went out of favor but it appears that most modern vehicles do not have it.
All I can say is it better not get stuck when it rains, @seanz0rz got a good point about not having a manual override on most newer cars. The most common thing to breakdown is the motor and if your lucky cable will snap on one side of the track, there is a way to close it but it's not easy on most cars you can remove the motor and use a wide flat blade screwdriver to turn the gears and close it as long the cable is not broken and if the cable is broken you must remove the glass and force the sliding mechanism to retract most of this job will require to lower the headliner and it's not fun at all. Just in case you guys are wondering how I know these things is because I must have done this hundred of times on Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles and Jeeps are the worst offender.
What is good preventative maintenance? Grease?
What do you use to grease the moon roof sliders?
What is good preventative maintenance? Grease?
What do you use to grease the moon roof sliders?

When we had our 01 Sequoia, I read somewhere that the rear window on the rear hatch could get stuck if it is not used/exercised for a while. I am guessing it is the same with the moon roof, so I exercise these two windows on that vehicle whenever I can remember. Never had problem until we sold the car last year.

I am doing the same thing with the LC. Same here, I would be interested to know what to do for preventative maintenance. What grease and where/which part to grease?
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