[MN] FJ40 parts

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Mar 21, 2010
United States
Lets make this easy ... each numbered item $25 OBO + shipping.

1. 2F Motor mount brackets
2. [STRIKE]2F flywheel[/STRIKE] [SOLD]
3. Minitruck disc brake shields
4. 2F side cover
5. 2F oil pump
6. [STRIKE]2F oil filter bracket[/STRIKE] [SOLD]
7. [STRIKE]2F distributor[/STRIKE] [SOLD]
8. 2F exhaust manifold
9. [STRIKE]Clutch fork & bearing hub[/STRIKE] [SOLD]
10. [STRIKE]2F alternator bracket[/STRIKE] [SOLD]
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11. 2F timing plate and cover
12. 2F fuel pump
13. [STRIKE]2F T-stat housing[/STRIKE] [SOLD]
14. Course spline birfs
15. [STRIKE]2F flywheel cover[/STRIKE] [SOLD]
16. [STRIKE]Minituck power steering pump and remote reservoir[/STRIKE] [SOLD]
17. 2F radiator fan
18. [STRIKE]Warn hubs[/STRIKE] [SOLD]
19. 2F bellhousing with starter
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PM on distributor... (#7) and T'stat housing (13)
Guppie - got the springs from a fellow mudder. BTB 4" lift. Haven't had a chance to install them yet, but I'm second guessing 4" ... might make the rig too tall for the garage. Shoot me an offer if you're interested.

BTW - your minitruck disk brake write-up is fantastic! Went through the conversion last summer without a hitch. :cheers:
Ok - good luck on the search for 2.5" springs ... think I'll go that direction too if I can find 'em local.
I will take 15 flywheel cover if available. PM sent
Post 1 and 2 updated. Also found some FJ40 drum brake knuckles and steering arms. $25 each side or $40 for the pair (+ shipping).
I am interested in the exhaust manifold as well can you send a coupla of pic's so I can see how many openings need to be plugged, larry05@bresnan.net
I still have that black vapor canister you were looking for

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