Metaltech Pegasus Bumper - Anyone else interested? group buy perhaps?

Jan 8, 2016
Los Angeles, CA
I am currently building up my 2004 GX for overlanding that I recently got from my sister, who is the original owner, and have largely babied it.

So far, I've got some mods including ARB front bumper Icon 2.5 coilover upfront, Icon overland springs, 2.5 VS shocks, and I'd really like to get the Metal-tech pegasus bumper, I wanted to see if anyone has seen a group buy or if anyone wants to get together to potentially get some discounts, it looks amazing. I'm interested in the Stg 5, the one pictured in the link is a Stg 5 I believe, not actually Stg 1.

Stage 1 Pegasus GX470 Rear Swing Out Bumper. (Bumper, Tire Carrier Swing Out with High Lift Mount, and Mounting Hardware.)

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