1. Ruquik

    Adjustable rear LCA s wanted, thoughts

    Ready to buy right now. What brands is everyone liking and who are your buying them from. Looks like just metaltech, icon and Total chaos. Am I forgetting anyone? Thanks in advance. -Brad
  2. Recon Aircrew

    Metal Tech Slider Install

    Finally got around to installing the Metal Tech sliders on my Wife's '16 LC. It was a long weekend! I spent most of Saturday installing the rivet nuts and doing some test fitments. I spent an additional 5 hours or so today mounting the sliders. I did this alone, with some help from my wife in...
  3. E

    For Sale  MetalTech Rear UCA's for 80 series

  4. The Great Him

    Ironman Sale

    all hundy bumpers and suspension from Ironman are on sale right now. PM me, or call Ironman 4x4 America for details and availability -offer valid only on in-stock items
  5. The Great Him

    Ironman sale

    all 80 series Ironman bumpers are on sale right now, PM me or call for sales details, same goes for full suspension kits. valid only on in-stock items
  6. ewillis

    MetalTech Sliders group buy

    Just FYI...So.Cal slider group but till mid May. Total prices comes out to about $670. I'm grabbing a set... MetalTech Armor Order in Los Angeles
  7. PhatFJ

    Metal-tech Pegasus Stage-5 and Goblin Stage-3 bumper Install

    This is information based on this installation and is in no way a factory or manufacturer guide to installing bumpers of any kind. If you use any of the ideas presented here, you are doing so at your own risk! So, the MetalTech bumper order arrived this last Thursday afternoon. I spent most of...
  8. teejnut

    Getting a MetalTech armor group order together... anyone here interested?

    Just cross-posting (hope that's ok). I'm getting a group order together to purchase some MetalTech armor. The goal is to bundle the orders together to save on shipping and possibly get a discount. Would be shipping to a single location in Los Angeles. See here for more info: MetalTech Armor...
  9. teejnut

    Wanted  MetalTech Group Order to Los Angeles

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the best place to cross-post this, but I'm getting a group of people together to make a purchase for MetalTech armor. The goal is to pool orders together to save on shipping. We might get a discount depending on what/quantity is ordered. Orders would be shipped to a...
  10. teejnut

    MetalTech Armor Order in Los Angeles

    Hi, I planning to get some MetalTech/OPOR sliders for my GX470 and want to try to get a group together to place an order with MetalTech. My main goal is to pool orders together so we can save on shipping. Would ship to LA, specifically Bell, CA 90201, I have access to a warehouse there that can...
  11. The Great Him

    OPOR GX470 bumper release

    Metal Tech 4x4 - Search Results for "Lexus" just released yesterday. taking preorders now. its winch ready and under $1k can be had with out the hoops as well
  12. L

    Metaltech Pegasus Bumper - Anyone else interested? group buy perhaps?

    I am currently building up my 2004 GX for overlanding that I recently got from my sister, who is the original owner, and have largely babied it. So far, I've got some mods including ARB front bumper Icon 2.5 coilover upfront, Icon overland springs, 2.5 VS shocks, and I'd really like to get the...
  13. Mr Cimarron

    Metal Tech rear bumper install

    ***Title edited from help to install. Hopefully this helps the next person.*** No directions came with it. I emailed them but I imagine I won't here back until business opens on Monday. I would like to install this weekend. I can get by with some photos of how the odd pieces go together on the...
  14. wileycoyote

    Wanted  Metaltech family cage

    Need a nice family cage for my 1980 Fj40. I know shipping will be expensive but what do ya have?
  15. Mr45

    First review of the new MetalTech Red Eye II Swingout bumper.

    I was approached by Mark Hawley from MetalTech about doing a test and evaluation on their new swingout bumper for the FJ Cruiser, the Red Eye II. Through FaceTime I was given a tour of the shop, and a sneak peak of the new bumper as installed on Mark’s orange FJ. Because I had been...
  16. tlin

    MetalTech adjustable links - bolts loosening???

    Before anyone chirps in and says "get to the gym", this is my dilemma. MT links installed in the rear and this is the second time I've noticed a bolt coming out due to the nut coming loose. This second round, the nut/washer combo itself is gone and I'm lucky I didn't lose the rear end as the...
  17. dubyahard

    Ironman 4x4 Lift

    This happened a few weeks ago and I'm just now posting. My FZJ80 40th had stock springs and Bilstein 5100s with unknown mileage on them. Needless to say the ride wasn't the best. There was a lot of roll, and with old seats, there was not a lot of support. Add in a CVT Mt. Shasta my wife gave...
  18. YoungGuyOld40

    Mixing Fiberglass and Metal in a body tub...suggestions?

    I have a mallote body tub for my 78' Fj. And I am not a big fan of the dash, firewall, and absence in the kick vents on it. So I am wanting to get rid of the fiberglass firewall and dash. And put my original firewall and dash on it as a whole front on the fiberglass tub. i will try to get a...
  19. YoungGuyOld40

    Replacing fiberglass firewall with original firewall

    I tried adding photos, but it wasn't working, but I have a mallote body tub, I know they're not the best out of the body tubs out there. But I have one, and I want to try and save myself a lot of fabricating, so I saved my original firewall, and want to put it on, but I'm not sure how to go...
  20. NetJunky

    For Sale  Metaltech Caster correction Brackets

    Used Caster correction brackets for 80 series. Due to my steering mod (larger steering arms) the brackets don't work for me. Willing to trade for the 3" Man-a-fre caster correction bracket. Located in Pasadena, CA
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