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Southeast Overland

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Dec 1, 2006
Pig Name: The Beast, aka Shirley, aka Piggie
Owner Name: eventhough

The Story
My Piggie has a long history that can mostly be documented through the previous owners (PO). One PO, Todd Kaderabek (Kaderabek), sent me a good bit of information on POs and history to include pictures of my Piggie. I pulled a boneheaded move a few weeks ago and accidentally deleted all of my incoming PM’s and lost some of this info so I will see what I can recall from memory. Two POs, Kaderabek and Yooper, frequent this forum and I hope they will provide any needed corrections.

My Piggie started as a pretty run of the mill FJ55 in the Pacific Northwest used to cruise timber – nothing too crazy here. See Pic 1. Kaderabek bought the Piggie and had it shipped across the country to North Carolina and the ‘monsterification’ process began. Kaderabek had Iron Pig Off Road (IPOR) sliders, front and rear bumpers installed, and also had Lance at IPOR perform a spring-over conversion. See Pic 2. Kaderabek wheeled the Pig all over the southeast. It saw time at Tellico, see Pic 3, and has even seen time in Toyota Trails, see Pic 4.

Kaderabek sold the Piggie to Casey Campbell in Iowa, Toyota Land Cruiser Association Treasurer, sometime around 2003. I don’t have much info about the time the Piggie spent in Iowa but I do have some pics. See Pic 5.

Casey Campbell sold the Piggie at some point to Yooper in Michigan. Yooper wheeled the Piggie a bit, see Pic 6, but has several other Cruisers and decided to sell his Beast. I first wanted a FJ55 starting over ten years ago. A friend of mine had one when I was in high school and I loved it! Fast forward over ten years. I had looked for a Pig several times over the past year and couldn’t find anything that fit what I wanted close to me in South Carolina. I came across one Pig only fifteen minutes away from my house but the owner wanted too much for a non-running stock Pig so I had to pass. I had seen Yooper’s pig previously and ended up coming back to it on MUD. I spent weeks emailing Yooper with all kinds of questions. Remember, this would be my first Cruiser. Finally, upon approval from the boss (read ‘wife’) I pulled the trigger and told Yooper I would take her.

Now, I live over 1,100 miles from Yooper. I convinced a friend to fly with me to Yooper’s in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the middle of winter! We picked up the Pig at Yooper’s, see Pic 7, and began a day and a half trip of over 1,100 miles back to SC. We were able to make the trip without any problems and were even able to pick up some good beer along the way! Pic 8 is the Piggie the morning after arriving in South Carolina.

I have been working the past several months on restoring my Piggie, see my MUD thread at I’ve tried to document my restoration pretty thoroughly. My aim is to get the Pig back to a good point where it won’t rust away and will be suitable for road trips to wheeling events. I’m shooting for function over form. I’m not a mechanic and I’m also new to Cruisers so I’m learning along the way. I might show details on tasks that many consider small but since I’m new to this I’m documenting everything. I hope it will help some.

A large help to me has and continues to be my local TLCA club, Upstate Cruisers. They have a forum on MUD and a website at I’ll continue to update my restoration thread as I go. I have put pics in posts below. I’m also going to post some additional random pics throughout the thread if I can find some good ones.

Pic 1 Original stance
Pic 2 Spring-over conversion @ IPOR
Pic 3 Tellico
Pic 4 Piggie resting
Pic 5 Wheeling in Iowa
Pic 6 Wheeling in Michigan
Pic 7 Picking up the Piggie in Michigan
Pic 8 Freshly arrived in South Carolina
Restoration Pics – see thread at


Great looking Pig!
The pics show that it is being used as it should.
I'll be checking your thread as I start the resto on mine.
:cheers: :beer:
It is good to see that the pig has had several owners and it just keeps going and going and going
Thanks all. I'm really trying to do this Piggie right and do what work is necessary to keep her going for many more years. I thought about a quick and dirty resto just to extend her life a few more years but I'm trying to take my time to really do this right (rust removal and metal replacement). I do think that in about four years or so I will either do a full body replacement or something a wee bit wacky (chop chop). I'm leaning towards the replacement but we will have to see...
I have seen a bunch of pics of that pig over the last year or so... that thing has been all over the place! Looks good, always liked it. Nice to see an attempt to fix all it's wounds instead of just wheeling it into dust and parting it out. (toyotas = red dust... and flakes...)
I thought I would add a little something about my future plans for this Piggie.

1) Finish repairing interior rust, put down second coat of POR15, and two costs of Durabak. Install IPOR buckets and Tuffy cosole (already have). Install dash cap.
2) Install MetalTech cage as soon as the guys @ MetalTech has them available.
3) Straighten rear bumper.
4) Replace seals as necessary to fix underbody leaks.
5) Body work - front fenders, rear quarters, C pillar rust, roof rust and passenger drip rail. I'm not sure how to handle a drip rail that has been mangled. I might try and replace w/ a donor if I can acquire one or if I can't I think I will cut the entire drip rail off, weld some thick metal sheet across, and install Yakima rain gutter mounts w/ thick sheet backing for support to mount a Yakima rack to help carry gear to the trail. I don't plan on weighting down the roof w/ heavy gear due to the height of the rig.
6) Snorkle - I have a design in my head that the local exhaust shop is going to help me with hopefully.
7) Underbody - as much as I can strip off gunk, apply POR and Durabank smooth.

It also sounds like I have some additional pics on the way from a PO. I will post them when they arrive.
That pig's so good it's bacon!
The drip rail isn't that bad to work with. Just get used to drilling a s%#@load of spot welds.
I replaced some of mine... Went down to the sign shop that I used to work at (they have a 12 foot sheet brake) and bent some patches into shape. Bottom "C" channel gets sopt welded to the inside roof structure, and made an upper/top "C" channel to splice into the actual roof pannel. some new seam sealer and you're done.
Just find a shop with a large brake to bend you some patches to work with.

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