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Jan 16, 2003
In an effort to get everyone involved I would like to try and maybe plan the May meeting closer to you all if not in Charlotte, as I know we have a few members in that area.

To start with in the next few weeks those that may have an interest please post up, if you would like to request a HAMOM at your location or if you know of an event. Something we can consider is a possbile Uwharrie Ride and get everyone in a Central Location, but I would like to let the Charlotte crowd make a decision on this one.

Let me know your thoughts....
Depending on the scheduling, I'm cool with either a HAMOM or a meeting spot at my house for May. I live on the Northeast side of town near Concord Mills Mall which is easier for the Triad folks to get to without having to drive through Charlotte. Would we be looking at the 10th or the 17th? My kids and I will be celebrating my wife's birthday the weekend of the 10th, so that's out of the question for me. I'm open to suggestions.
that would be great as I am trying to figure out my FJ and would like to meet others in the charlotte area...I live in harrisburg, not far from the speedway, close to you yotafan...Roger
Mid to late May is good. Don't need a HAMOM help but will assist locally if that is the decision.

Uwharrie is a good idea too IMO. Trail time is always a good way to get the club together.

IIRC, some folks posted about making the Dixie Boggers Spring Event in June the club meeting. The location for that is close to CLT too FWIW...
I would absolutely be interested in meeting up with everyone here in Charlotte. I am on the south side of town (Ballantyne area) but anywhere in Charlotte sounds good to me. I would offer up a place to meet but I am in an apartment right now while building a new house. If we are having a hamon somewhere I have one of those Luna dual battery systems that I dont have a clue how to install. I could provide drinks or food or something else since I dont have the garage right now. If no Hamon I would still be interested in meeting all the ONSC guys. I am guessing this would be on a saturday?
I'm up for a meeting in May in the Charlotte area... My 40 should have a new slave cylinder and water pump...
I am very interested. Anything would be great with me. I also have a fully stocked three car garage if anyone needs some room to work. Count me in on the next one.
I am also on the south side of town, Lake Wylie area.
I'm down for a mid may meeting... hopefully i'll have my truck semi fixed by then. I'm in south charlotte.... not sure of a meeting place but my wife works just around the corner at a sports bar with an outside area that we could park our rigs by... but anywhere is fine by me :D
Count me in too for the May meeting. Perfect time to finally meet up with you guys and join the NC club!
Guys in the charlotte area, if anyone needs repairs done please jot them down and post up. We have found that things go very smoothly when we incorporate the HAMOM's and meetings in conjunction with one another. Anyone willing to offer their hospitality for the May meeting at their house?
I am up for a meeting in Charlotte as well. I dont have much to fix on the cruiser unless anyone knows how to cut out all the rust and fab in new metal and repaint my entire FJ40 mustard yellow in weekend!!
I will be heading to GSMTR May 15-19 though. Is anyone else from Charlotte going? I would love to caravan up.
Guys in the charlotte area, if anyone needs repairs done please jot them down and post up. We have found that things go very smoothly when we incorporate the HAMOM's and meetings in conjunction with one another. Anyone willing to offer their hospitality for the May meeting at their house?

I'd be willing to offer my place if anyone is interested in meeting on the south side of town. I have garage space and a decent set of tools, air compressor etc...
I am new in Charlotte...

just moved into south of Charlotte. I'll be happy to meet either weekend.
I am back, now i have something to fix!! my FJ62 (I was the raffle Rig winner) apparently has 4wd issues. Something in the diaprhragm is getting enough vaccum to move to activate the light but not engaging the front wheels. I figured this out on Rocky Mount at Uwharrie this weekend and had a dicey 2wd back down the trail in the rain. I ordered an FSM today!
I also notice that a very slight bit(gotta look hard) of smoke exists around the gasket of the valve cover which appears is either not on well or has gone bad. Depending on the meeting/hamom I could use some hands and expertise. Anyone up for it!
As I said in an earlier post, I am willing to help out in any way I can, I just dont have a garage for another few months. I can provide the drinks, food, got a lot of tools as well. As far as the Hamom goes, I need to install a Luna dual battery system, or an 8274 winch, or some off road lights that I havent gotten around to or help out on someone else's rig. So far any weekend in May works for me. Let me know how I can help.
I would suggest that the meeting be on the North side of charlotte up 85....maybe near the mall. That's an "easy" drive for all the charlotte guys plus winston, Greensboro, Highpoint, and Raleigh all come down 85 anyway, so it makes the drive more of a possibility for us.
GSMTR prep is pretty much every weekend in May before the 15th, though I may be out on the 9th.
If we do it after GSMTR, we have great photos and stories, but may lose some folks on the holiday weekend.
Sorry, I've been out of the loop for a little while. My initial offer still stands. As long as we can do it the weekend of May 17/18, we can definitely use my garage. It's a 2 1/2 car garage so its decent in size. I have a good selection of tools and recently purchased an air compressor and air tools that need to be broken in. I'll even offer up a front axle rebuild on my '96 LC. :D She's got 130K on her and I don't think its ever been done. I can also grill up burgers and dogs with the best of them. Plus (and this is key), I'm on the Northeast side of town right near Concord Mills Mall which would make it easier for the out of town folks to get here. Let me know what you guys/gals think.
That's GSMTR weekend and many of us will be supporting that TLCA event.

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