March meeting minutes

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Feb 16, 2006
FT Collins, Co
This is something new were gonna try, a recap of each months meeting, kinda like a newsletter. This is so people that miss the meetings can look here to see what they missed, and also for individuals interested in our club to see what we do. Id also like to write a narrative after our club trips, so everybody can see the fun they missed and re-double their efforts to come along. This first one (letter) will be short because I didnt take notes. Next month will be better. I hope.

Continuing business: Frank talked a little about Some GPS units were trying to get a grant for. From what I gather, a group called the Tiger coalition has something to do with the Forest Service, and one of these groups wants a group of individuals to scout out roads that may or may not still exist. This is supposedly intended to confirm roads that showed up on maps at one time. Sounds like a good way to get out and see some different areas and enjoy the outdoors.
Bruce sent a list of members names around to confirm adresses and to see who is still active in the club. Conatct him with any change of info you may have, or if you havent been to a meeting in a while you may want to do tell us your still active, or dead or whatever. Dont forget to pay yer dues!!

New business: We had one new member join the group, but neither frank nor I can remeber his name. Will recognize him next month.
April 15th: Forest service meeting at the USFS building on Centre ave. (The one with all the green trucks outside) Frank and Paul will attend this one.

April 17th: (Or somewhere around there) Colorado association meeting for the second quarter. Paul will attend this one also. If anybody is interested in joing him, call him.

April 6th: Will be our club trip to road 182 out yonder by Tie Siding, then West fer apiece. you caint miss it! Call Frank if you need directions. Meet at the albertsons on north college, I believe departure time is 9 a.m. SHARP!!!! Be ready to go, fueled up, etc and ready to leave then. If you want to chat before-hand get there early, if youre gonna be late, find out where were going and catch up. Several individuals expressed a concern about waiting too long to leave, whcih can affect a lot of other people and plans for the day.

Ok, thats all I got for this one, next month should be more comprehensive, let me know if you have suggestions, ideas, etc. More than two suggestions from any individual will be grounds for that individual to take over this task.
Dont forget the April meeting, April 24th.:cheers:

Ahhh, I wrote down that departure time from Albertson's was 8:30 am, Sunday 4/6. Did I get that wrong? We'd better be sure we're all on the same page if we are going to start being punctual.

Also, our new member is Tyler Cooley. Welcome Tyler! :clap::D
Thanks for the minutes. Truly appreciated.
Meet them at Tie Siding on 287.
What time? Is in front of the fireworks stand with the rotating red light OK?

There's a landmark! jk

I might :steer: up...:hmm: Gotta make sure it's :cool: with the :princess:
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We are leaving Fort Collins at 9:00 am SHARP. Google maps says Tie Siding is 50 minutes, but with a big caravan it may be a few minutes longer. But we agreed to at the last meeting that we would not wait for people who are late so that we can keep our road trips on schedule. I suggest you get there by 9:45 to be safe. :steer:
Is there someone designated to take and post pictures for those of us that have to work this weekend?
do we need to confirm the time? I mentioned, maybe incorrectly in my letter that lift-off time would be 9am, but somebody mentioned that 830 was the actual agreed upon time. Lets confirm and post in really big letters!!

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