manual to power steering conversion?

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If you want to keep it all will need a box, feed lines and all the engine mounted hardware

I have all the engine related parts you will need


$600 plus the ride on the bus to you

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OK good luck with your search, but don't wait to long as this is a blowout price, the last one i sold was $900.00


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thanks gord......

Has anyone used a saginaw pump and box?????from a chevy or ford???

i'd like to upgrade rather than put on the oem pump and steering box...the fullsize chevy pumps and boxes have a great ratio and turn with one finger worth of force...more than enough for the bigger tires...
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I used a 2f ps pump in a custom bracket with a 62 box, on my 3b.

These ebay parts look like a great deal, no custom fab required.

You will still need a 60 or 62 box which are pretty common.
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I would like a custom setup as i have heard the 3b power steering to be underpowered with larger tires...
Works fine with 33" BFGs on pavement while stopped, I have heard 35"s and rock crawling will overtax the pump.
yes I plan on hammering on this setup with 35's or even 36's I live close to the trail and this is not my DD. I have a car and work there will be lots of fab and mods for the trail... lol

will be driven 99%trail 1%road
what about changing the pulley on the pump, to get it to spin faster?

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