man-a-fre headers- good or bad?

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Aug 12, 2002
I found a man-a-fre 6 to 1 header for fairly cheap and am thinking about installing it on my fj60. I have been told by several individuals that these headers are notoriously hard to install and seal up. Is this true? If so, who makes good headers for an fj60?

I installed a Man-A-Fre 6 to 1 header on my fj40 and had no problem installing it. Only thing i had to do was use larger washers on the studs.
Hi Andy,

Any smog issues where you live?

I recall a discussion on Man-A-fre headers not too long ago in this forum.
You might try using the
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Try searching for the word headers (It helps to change the numbers of days to go back further.)

Good luck.
I put a slightly used one on my 40. I have had no complaints so far (7 months). I did double up on the header gaskets and I've had no leaks since. Seems like a decent header for the price. Just my 2 cents...

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