Makin' my way back on the road

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Nov 6, 2006
Fairhope, AL
My brake booster assembly failed a few years ago, and I ended up parking my Elsie, thinking I'd "get to it" sooner rather than later. Next thing you know it's been years. Today, I finally swapped in the replacement booster, and topped up the fluid. The relatively recent battery is dead, and is out being checked after an overnight charge, but I think it's shot. Once that's swapped out tomorrow, I still need to get the brakes bled, but I am so excited that she's almost back on the road! Just had to tell someone who would appreciate it!
Pics or it didn’t happen.

Glad you rescued your 100.
Fair! Here's a pic of the new booster.

Get some fresh fuel, run it around for a few hours, and then change all the other fluids (diffs, xfr case, oil , etc) she will be ready for more years of service after that
Funny how toyota closed the outlet to the right rear line for 2000+ vehicles in 99 booster by attaching a "bracket" to hold the front right brake line!

OP, also check the valley of e engine for any potential mice nest!

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