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Oct 25, 2006
Hey Toyota Brethren,
I'm looking to come up to Maine in the 2nd week of May!! 12th till ??? I'm looking to do some lite trails and camping!! (I'll be bringing the wife). So ,I'll be leaving the 40 at home and coming in the Fjcruiser! Are there any good spots or events that you could share with an Ohio wheeler?? :bounce:space in the rig will be limited but, if anyone needs anything small transported if I come, let me know!!!!

Damon(please post here or pm me if I don't respond for awhile)
What part of Ohio are you in? Cuz there's this Dairy Queen in Warren that makes a really good hot fudge sundae, at least they were awesome when I lived there in 1986. I could really go for one of them right now... make it a large.

What part of Maine will you be in?
I think there's an offroad park in Lewiston now. NEOW probably has the info on it.
I have a place up at Sunday River and while I don't go up very often unless it's to go skiing, I was up there last summer and saw three trailers loaded up with 2 CJ's and a Willy's flat fender in a motel parking lot just outside the mountain. All of them had 35" Swampers and winches and were covered in mud. There was no one around to ask, but by the looks of those rigs, there are some sick trails in the Bethel area.
Do you know where you're headed? We've had a helluva long winter and there is a lot of snowpack in the woods now, so there will be a lot of standing water and bottomless holes this spring. Maine is cryptic since most of it is paper company land, and most of that land is accessible but not mapped. But there is a lot of exploring to do here. Let me know your route and I'll see if I can suggest any destinations. Where in Ohio? I'm in Athens a lot, I need to find some Cruiser terrain in southern Ohio!
Like Mainemike said, there's paper mill land that's accessible. You'll need access to some local knowledge to find it. I've wheeled some of it way up north before, and there's mud holes up there in the spring that will swallow your whole truck. There are areas that have code designations as opposed to town names.

If you're going to venture up there, make sure to stock up on spare gas.
I think there's an offroad park in Lewiston now. NEOW probably has the info on it.

Its good up to about 33in tires, maybe one locker. I checked it out last year, unless hes cut some super crazy trails that I didnt see (did some scouting through the woods) its geared more for quads.
Gentlemen, thank you for so many responses!! As far as routes or destinations , I'm leaving that up to your local knowledge!! All I got from the wife is she wants to see "Maine" I'll be in "her truck" along with "her" (07' FJcruiser: 33 at's 3in lift and rear locker, hopefully sliders) So "our " kind of trails and her don't always mix!! Mainemike, there are some sick trails in Wellsville ,O-h-i-o. And a whole weekends worth!! I would visit soon as Through the grapevine ,the land is being surveyed!!! Where's Lewiston??? Maine is only the start of our little adventure, we're planning a coastal drive with a couple of stops!!:steer:Wheeling ,camping and who knows!!

Thanks , Damon
Wellsville? I used to drive through there frequently in 89 - 90 on my way to Bethany, WV to visit my girlfriend in college there.

I live in Maine near Kingfield now. There's lots of good logging roads up this way. IMO, the best outdoors area of the state is the western lakes & mountains area. Basically the stretch between Bethel through Rangeley, Stratton/Eustis, the Flagstaff Lake area and then over to Jackman, Greenville and Moosehead Lake. There's really an unlimited number of areas to ride. The network of logging roads is pretty incredible.

You may run into snow in some areas. There will definitely be mud and lots of it. We've had a ton of snow this year and it's melting slowly. There's still a couple feet of it in my yard in the sunny areas.

PM me or contact me through my website ("When's someone going to feed me?" - Rufus T. Doofus) and I'll try to answer any questions you might have.

The Delorme Gazzetteer (sp?) is the best map of the state and covers most of the major logging routes too.
Thanks Rufus, I'll have to check out your site!! A guy i work with says that he has camped in the national forest!! Does that have any, or around any good trails??
Teh only National Forest Lands that I know of in Maine are part of the White Mountain National Forest area. More info here: White Mountain National Forest- Welcome! Is your coworker thinking of Acadia National Park? That's a much more common destination. There are no 4WD trails in Acadia.

The mud isn't too bad this year. We've had ideal snowmelt conditions. There's still 6" to a foot of snow in the woods around my house but it's melting at a good pace and not making a huge mess.
The region north of Acadia NP is pretty fun to explore - there is camping, but no wheeling in Acadia NP. Great hiking trails though. For driving trips get a Delorme Gazatteer once you arrive and try google earth from your home: the Cherryfiled area is unique with post-glacial landscapes and very rural/remote roads to explore. More inland, lots of places off route 9 and the Studmill road: camping, lakes, etc.

For a simple diversion if you're coming up the coastal route on rt 1 look for Waldo Mountain north of Fort Knox (which is cool in itself, as is the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and observation tower).

PM me your address and I'll mail you a copy of Maine's Ice Age Trail Downeast, which will show you options from Acadia NP (Bar Harbor) to Calais, if that is part of your trip.

Mainemike, I got your maps literally, the day before I left!! Thank you very much!! You went above and beyond for a complete stranger(although, fellow cruiserhead)!! Your map was very helpful and will make a nice addition to my wife's scrapbook! You gentlemen certainly do have some BEAUTIFUL countryside, Do not take it for granted!!! It makes Ohio look like the salt flats. Acadia was a truly awesome place and I hope to visit again someday!! Not much wheeling except for the pavement and occasional dirt road on the loop. But a great vacation . I would hope to someday visit the trails up north with some of you !?
thanks to all ,

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