MAC Tools now Made Abroad in China?

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May 31, 2008
the NJ word..
Hey quality tool experts got a MAC tools question.
Recently have been striving to collect and build up my tool inventory with quality tools like Mac and SnapOn.

Was very disapointed when I recently picked up a brand new set from Mac and all the tools were in bags that said Made in China. WTF?

Any idea of which types of Mac are still made in the good ol USA? Is there a code that designates foreign?
call Mac and ask?

(could be that it's the bag that was made in China? :) But anyway, give it a couple of years or so, and everything metal and plastic will be made in China... :frown: )
yecccch! :mad:

being retired i go to auctions quite a bit and buy older used tools,usually by the box full and they far out last the chinese or what ever my kids buy. good luck

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