Maaco in Cary

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Jan 5, 2012
Anyone have experience with the Maaco in Cary? It seems that they are the only Maaco in NC that is BBB acredited. I have completely gutted interior and exterior. I also planned on sanding it pretty good because I hear they skimp on prep. I was also going to upgrade to Chromabase and their "premier" clear. The manager said it would be @ 1800.
I've got a guy I work with that had some paint done at a Maaco but not sure which one. It looks really good, and the price seems at about the same 1800-2200 or so...
i had a blazer painted at the maaco in raleigh. I went with a cheaper package. i think it was a little under $1000. It did not look terrible, but you could obviously tell it was not an OEM paint job.

Edit: what i would give to have a picture. This was my first car (the honey wagon). An 1988 2 door s-10, bright yellow, KC light bar with lights and smiley face covers, Lifted on 32's with dual whip cb antennas coming off the back. I have no idea what was wrong with me

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