LX450 windshield and seal and LC the same?

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Feb 11, 2019
Hey all,

Scheduled Safelite to come replace the windshield and seal in my ‘97 LX450 tomorrow. Told them was for a ‘97 LC as I presume everything is the same and I figured the price would be less if I told them Toyota instead of Lexus. Am I correct in thinking these are the same parts? By the way, the whole total will be $298 installed. Can’t beat that.

IME Safe/lite if not the best choice. Find the local installer who
does the glass work for your local Toyota dealer and contact them.
But even then, they must follow the FSM (Factory Service Manual) installation
procedure to the letter. Otherwise you will have leaks.

IIRC the tint of the windshield glass may be different between the LX450
and FZJ80?? Is your current windshield the original or a replacement?
Thanks for that link. Current windshield is original. Just so sandblasted that I can’t stand it on a sunny day. I’m a mechanic at a dealership and we happen to own a Toyota store so I can buy the parts at employee cost which, for the glass and the seal, come to about $460 but I didn’t check with the local glass company that we use as far as installation. Granted, we have had Safelite out a few times over at our Volvo store and the guys seem to do a nice job and don’t rush it, and I requested one of them specifically to come do mine after watching him do a new XC90 on which he was incredibly careful. But in the meantime, I’ll check with the local place we use on having them do it vs Safelite.
Little update to the thread; I cancelled Safelite and am having the local glass shop that the dealership I work for uses. Getting a Pilkington windshield and ordered an OE Toyota seal from our sister Toyota dealership. Will post updates when it’s done.
Why not go to Safelite? I've read plenty of good reviews from people on this forum. I'm in the exact same boat. Windshield so pitted you can barely see out of it. I have ordered an OEM gasket but was about to go to Safelite and use their windshield and install. So was wondering if there was a specific reason not to use them such as the quality of their windshields, etc.
OEM windshield sold new today is made by AGC and clearly marked Toyota.

The optics were so clear that when I drove off for a glancing second I thought they forgot to install the replacement glass.
OEM glass is available and definitely worth it. Got mine for around $380 then $135 to have it installed by an old school windshield shop. Wouldn't have done it any other way.
Consensus says Safelite isn’t the best option from a few conversations I’ve had and I know our local glass shop that our dealer uses does nice work and they’ll follow the WSM to a tee. Figured since my truck is tight as a drum with respect to water leaks, I’d play it safe. As for Toyota glass vs Pilkington, I’ve not had issues with Pilkington and it was about $100 cheaper than OEM, even with my employee discount from our Toyota store so I figured I’d just go this route.
Just to update the thread, new Pilkington glass and OEM Toyota seal installed today. I stayed and observed the whole procedure, took about 2.5 hrs all in. Luckily body aperture was nice and clean with respect to any rust so was just a matter of scraping away the old sealant, prepping the new seal and glass for install and in she went! Now on to those door speakers...

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