LX too hot? Ran fine - and then would not start

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Jan 26, 2010
I drove about 3 hours from SLC to Green River yesterday in my 2006 LX. Heavily loaded for a multi day river trip with water, ice, camping gear, boats, 4 people, etc. temperature was 100 plus most of the way. Truck ran perfectly all the way down and I stopped twice with no issues.

Got to the campground, turned off the truck for a minute, then went to start it again and it would not start. Sort of sputtered and would die out. Tried to start a couple of times with the same result. Almost seemed as if it was not getting fuel, but hard to tell since it only sputtered for a few seconds.

Let it sit for about 45 minutes while we unpacked and set up camp and then tried to restart. Truck fired right up and ran with no problems. It was fine the rest of the time and no maintenance lights on the dash.

Caught me by surprise as I have never had a single issue with the truck. 93k miles, all services completed, etc.

Any ideas what might have caused this?
This seems to be a really common issue for the '06 models now that they're reaching higher miles. Fortunately, it just requires a short cool down and will resume.

New fuel pump.

I'm at 104k and I may just do this pre-emptively.

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