Lug nuts that won't rust?

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Sep 12, 2004
Searched but nothing re: rust and lug nuts.

Bought the cheesy cheap chromed lug nuts at Kragen about a year ago and they are already losing it...

Everything else on the truck is slowly becoming stainless steel.

What are my options?

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So there are stainless lug nuts out there that have the right threading and have the acorn or whatever you call it shape? I've never seen them at places like $OR or CCOT--you would think the restorers would carry them...

have ya tried these guys , i have there locking lug nuts . haven't rusted yet
5 yrs my cheapie lug nuts lasted 6 months

heres a copy and paste from there site

McGard employs the same innovative design and high quality standards used in the production of our wheel locks in the manufacture of chrome plated lug nuts. Our in-house plating technology and experienced personnel are second to none in the industry. These capabilities enable McGard to produce superior quality lug nuts that are strong, safe, durable and exceed typical corrosion resistance standards.

They're so durable in fact that we guarantee them for life not to rust, chip, or peel!
Good question, I need some for the 60, I might try that place. How much did you pay?
in canada we can find these lug nuts in any of the high end auto parts store ,

i think i paid around $ 25.00 Canadain for the lock set , haven't priced out the lug nuts yet to lazy ,here is an e-bay auction of the mcguard spline drive lug ,you still need to purchase the locknut set separate , wow now you need to carry to lock keys , will have to look in the store at the price of the regular a-corn lug nuts

link to e-bay
My Porsche has aluminum lug nuts.... (don't use them on steel wheels!!!)

Maybe you could get some machined - really wouldn't take much work.
getting lug nuts machined seems a bit extreme...

coat them in rust bullet. or some oil haha

i usually keep anti seeze on the threads.
Antisieze is the answer, and regular rotation of the tires.
Mace said:
Antisieze is the answer, and regular rotation of the tires.

Nah nah nah... sorry, I'm not talking about the threads, I'm talking about the finish on the bolts themselves. Sorry to be such a :princess: about it, but when everything else looks nice and your lugnuts are rusted, it really busts yer balls.

I don't even need chrome or other bling silver. I guess there isn't even a zinc coated version or...?

I have had a set of gorilla brand lug nuts on mine for about 4 yrs. They still look when I get all the brake dust off of them ;)
Get some zinc acorns..
Or paint them black.. Then repaint when you are not impressed by their hue..

And yes, you have officially tainted this forum pink panites (typically reserved for Lexus owners)

I'm rather fond of my nuts:
DSCN4918 (Small).JPG
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SOR. I think they may be OEM Toyota, but I'm not sure, and there wasn't a P/N with them.

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