Low Idle Fixed, But Start-Up Idle Still Low

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Apr 16, 2006
Cardiff BTS & Tahoe
I had the dreaded low idle problem. I checked the usual: IAC, MAF, PCV, CHT, etc... which were all ok. I finally decided to pull off the throttle body and clean as recommend on this forum. It worked, not really sure what the cleaning did, but warm idle is now perfect at about 700rpm.

However, at start-up I no longer have the high rpm's which heat the emission stuff. I don't really mind the engine settling in at 700rpm immediatly following a cold start, but it is annoying that something is broke. I have checked the items on the list in the maunal, and everything tests fine. But, the manual list the #1 cause as "accelerator pedal link"? What is that? Also, on the underside of the throttle body is a diaphram which opens butterfly. Is this for cold start? I originally thought the IAC valve controlled the cold start rpm, but don't think that is correct. With my IAC fully open (turned in all the way) I cannot get close to 1800rpm. How does cold start work. What could be broke.

Mark S.
'94 1FZJ80
San Diego, CA

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