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Jan 9, 2011
Venice Beach, CA
It's the heat of the summer. No excuse not to fire up the Primo and keep the heat outside.

I tried @spressomon 's 3-5 day cold fermented dough recipe. The wetter dough is a little harder to work with. It kept soaking through the flour I put in the board to let it slide off the peel, hence the misshaped crusts.

I did my usual pepperoni, mozz and pecorino using a marcella hazan-style pasta sauce altered to be a pizza sauce. Grilled at 550F air temp, 500F baking steel temp.


Fire (mostly from grease burning off the main grates).

Pepperoni Pizza. The dough on this one ended up being chewy. Might have been from keeping it warm while the other one cooked. At 550F on the kamado grill, these both took about 6mins each.

Tomato, basil, burrata, mozzarella pizza. The crust on this one was perfect and crispy. Keeping the baking steel slightly cooler than the grill seemed to help cook the top and bottom at the same rate.


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