Looking for a machine shop in the Wack

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Sep 26, 2009
Vicoria BC
Hello gents,

I am looking for someone to ream my pitman and steering arm to accept GM tie rod ends. I thought I would ask here if anyone new a machine shop in Chilliwack that can accomplish such a task. Thanks for the help!
I don't think the issue will be finding a machine shop, finding one with the right tapered reamer might be problematic
Great thanks. I have some new rods and TRE's from 4x4 labs. The plan is to taper from the top of the arms. Not sure if this will work, still trying to wrap my head around the idea.
1 ton GM Tie rod ends are what I was given. Luke gave me the option of top or bottom of the arms. It will give me a bit of clearance I guess, why not?:meh:

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