Wanted Looking for a 3FE motor

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Looking for a 3FE motor, either local to California or willing to pay for shipping. Thank you.

i have these available for when you get your unicorn needed 3F engine , good luck :)

3F 6.jpeg

3F 7.jpeg

30B63279-386C-4BEA-B25E-331C2A09D793 (1).jpeg
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I don't have one, but Toyota Matts' detail stickers sure look great when you do get the engine.
I have a complete 3fe from a 91 with 140k. Includes new injectors, gasket set, new accessory drives, ecu, cruise control module, new wiring harness have a mountain of receipts as well. Located in Phoenix, AZ.
I have one in Stockton CA and can ship.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids @ Cruiser Brothers

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