Looking for 60 rear window

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Aug 1, 2007
Germantown, IL
If any has or knows of anyone with the rear glass for a 60 there someone in need of one in St.Louis.
Hey Bill. Did you check with Nick?
No, I figured I'd just post up and see what came up. This guy doesn't wheel his rig but it is a daily driver for him. Just thought maybe someone may have one they didn't feel like listing in the classifieds.
I was down at Nick's a couple weeks ago and he has some real nice tailgates...upper and lower.
I'm not looking to part mine out that far yet but I know Jim Chenowith in Columbus, OH has a couple he IS parting all the way out.

Which window are you looking for? rear hatch?

I've got an entire set of door glass (if that's what you're looking for), but no extra hatch glass. Drop me a PM if needed. My sister-in-law is in town from St.Louis this weekend, she could probably throw it in her car if needed. Brandon
I sent Marty a link to this thread. Thanks for you responses.

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