MUDShip Longshot load. Florida to Idaho

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Oct 13, 2017
Sandpoint ID
United States
I just bought a BJ73 in Sarasota Florida and need it brought out west. I'm in Northern Idaho but have family near Boise that i can have it dropped at if need be. Ideally further North but at this point I'm running out of options. I put it out on the board through a broker but no takers and over a week.
Cars are sitting everywhere across the US. Huge driver shortage and backlog from the holidays. You may look into shipping it somewhere more likely to get a driver. Denver, Salt Lake etc...
Thanks. Slightly good to know it’s not just my oddball load. I will mention to the broker changing drop off location to a spot more along the major highways.
I could use a vacation… want it to go to my shop, get baselined and driven there? :)
I'd be willing to drive it to you. Get me a plane ticket there and home, pay for the fuel. It'll be fun. Hell if Boston Bob gets it to Denver or close to, I can drive it up to Idaho for you.

What did it cost you? I’m guessing that’s why it sat. I had one guy from Florida to San Diego for $1250 but then cancelled because truck was having issues and went back to his home base. Another person picked up the order days later for $1500. Shipping a Defender 130 so it’s a big vehicle. I was happy with that price.

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