Long range excursion for 2018

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
The guys who have been making long range trips with me have discussed a lot of possibilities for 2018. One of the suggestions was the Rubithon. Even though I would love to do the 'con in my own truck I'm not too sure I can afford to ship my truck completely across the country. Rubithon is usually held in mid-June although there have been years when it was pushed back to a heavy snow pack.

Last year's trip was a twelve day Colorado drive that was awesome. Ran the trip in early September to try to catch the fall colors and to avoid the summer tourists. I'd be open to another CO trip, as for the guys who went with me it was their first exposure to the wonders of Colorado. There's an awful lot of great trails in CO!

I'll be going down to GSMTR again this year. last year was my first time and it was a blast. Crusha even won a winch complete with synthetic line!

After seeing Crusha's album from Cruise Moab 2016 on Flickr I might be interested in a return trip to Moab. Man we had an awesome time out there and it was one of the best organized events I've ever attended. CM2018 is the first week of May. FYI, there is a group from the Yankee Toys gonna make the drive out to CM.

Looking to see who might be interested in such a trip. I'll be posting a similar message on the Capital City land cruisers site because quite a few of their members have been on these trips. Anyone interested feel free to chime in. Look forward to seeing what interest this generates!
@shmukster , I'd be more than willing to hit Moab with you again. However, I Think we should maybe think about also doing the Hole In The Rock trail as part of this adventure. I know @fireball is aching to cross this off his list...
I would love to go back to Utah but I have very little desire to go to CM.

HiTR would be awesome. This campsite is hard to beat.


I'm possibly in for a trip. I wanted to try to get out to Moab this year, started a thread about it a few months back.

I definitely want to do HIH8 which will be late July.

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