Lokka Install Help in Dallas?

Apr 7, 2011
So my 80 is unlocked, but I've got a Lokka auto locker (thanks to all who chimed in on my earlier thread about picking what type to buy!!) waiting to be installed in the rear and a TMS snorkel also awaiting installation (although I've already got that help lined up :) I figure with those two mods, it'll be capable of pretty much anything I'd be brave enough to try. :clap:

Only problem is, I don't have the skills or tools necessary to do the Lokka install by myself... Anyone live in the DFW area who might be willing to help me out some weekend in exchange for my company, some beer, and possibly even a little monetary compensation? Looking for someone who's done it before (it's basically an Aussie locker with a different brand name, so Aussie experience would work just as well) and is willing to be somewhat patient with my relative inexperience. If they wanna go wheeling afterward to try it out, all the better!

I live in Coppell, but would obviously be happy to travel some distance for the help involved here. Shop is quoting me ~$500 for the install, which seems outrageous given that everyone on the forum says it's a 3-4 hour driveway job! But I'd be happy to compensate someone for their time at a more reasonable rate as long as we're sure we can do it all properly.

Thanks y'all! This forum's pretty damn helpful in so many ways, and the community's second to none in my book :cheers:
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