locating a manual shifting linkage for an 85 split case t case

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Sep 6, 2005
I have modified an 1979 bj-42 with a Dec. 85 3-b diesiel a 5 speed manual tranny, and a split case t-case. After a very expensive parking brake conversion, I attempted to install the drive train. this t-case had a vaccum shifting pod. This made the installation impossible because the vaccum pod threw the drive train out of allignment with the drive shafts.
After removing the drive train. I then found out that I had to change the front housing which accompanied the vaccum pod shifter. I installed the other housing which was to accompany the manual shifting linkage. Even though I located and installed the new housing I am having a great degree of difficuly locating this shifting linkage. If any one has a suggestion other than specter off road it would be greately appreciated. My location is Vancouver, Canada:shotts:
If I remember correctly.. you need linkage from a 4-85 to 8-87 fj60 That's what I use on 5spd. conversions

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