LJ70 pre-1990 Wiper Arms

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Oct 2, 2015
Las Vegas
Has anyone had any luck sourcing pre-1990 wiper blade arms for an LJ70?
(LH) 85190-90K03 & (RH) 85210-90K03

Not sure if a 1990 or post 1992 wiper arms from an LJ, KZ, or HZ would have the same angle at the base of the arm or not.
I pulled a pair from the wrecking yard from an early 4Runner and although the lengths are approximately the same, the angle of the arm base isn't even close to an LJ70.

The bottom pair are from an LJ70 and have about a 30 degree angle and are taller at the base.
The top pair are off and early 4Runner and are straight at the base and are a bit more shallow at the base.

If anyone has any ideas what may work, most appreciated.


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First thing you want to do is determine if they are screw on or clip on. Then you can narrow down on part numbers.

Edit: sorry I didn’t see the photos before I posted for some reason.
@FJ73Texas , Thanks for the quick reply. The originals were screw on, but I don't really care if they are screw on or not. Clip on are probably easier. I just want it to clear the "Cowl Ventilator/Louver" with out it hitting/interfering.

If anyone has any pics of a KZ or HZ wiper arm, most appreciated.
Looking for that 30 degree angle and a
Depth of the base is about 2.75cm or 1 1/8"
Kinda dark outside but here is a pic of mine. Clip on style.

Here are the blades I have as spares, again clip on style.

non snow version:


snow version

@FJ73Texas , That looks pretty darn close. Thanks for the pic.
I'm guessing that is a pic of your 1993 HZJ77?

85211-60090 & 85221-60100 look like they are still available.

Thanks again.
Sorry I goofed on my first photo for the non snow version. The blades themselves are actually non snow version but I realized I put them into the packaging of snow version so the part numbers you see are for snow version blades. I don’t recall what the part numbers are for the non snow version blades at the moment.
No worries @FJ73Texas . I appreciate you taking the time to photo your wiper arms.
It doesn't snow too much near me.. I just need new arms since I'm taking a trip out of the desert, and it will probably rain.
I usually pull the arms off in the summer since the heat burns up the rubber on the blades here in the summer time.
The threads on my arms are stripped out for some reason where the arms connect to the stud below the cowl.
I think I'll be good rolling the dice on the HZ clip-on arms.
Thanks again!!

EDIT: I ordered 85221-60100 for the driver side and it works like a charm. Next order, I'll get the other side.
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