LJ70 articulation upgrade

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Oct 18, 2007
Greece & Dubai
Hi guys,

I am writing on behalf of a friend with an LJ70 (3 door). I have no idea about this car and as it is rare in our country (Greece), sharing your experiences will be appreciated.

The current setup includes 33" tires (15 " rim), 2" OME suspension and a 3" body lift.

The target is to increase articulation as much as possible (reliability should not be sacrificed).

Is there any A bar link kit or bush kit to increase articulation??

Pls provide your thoughts/ideas, including cost estimates and potential sources of material.

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This is how the rig looks now ...
lj articulation.jpg
side photo here ...
lj articulation 2.jpg
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Plenty viewings, but no replies ...

Is this a tricky one ??

Any experiences/proposals appreciated..

Plenty viewings, but no replies ...

Is this a tricky one ??

Any experiences/proposals appreciated..


I am following this one as well, mine is a KZJ70 the same should apply.
Most people on here have leaf sprung cruisers where as the LJ is coil sprung all round.
You can remove the sway bar/s to gain some extra drop on the axle, but I am not sure what that will do to normal highway driving?
I guess you will have extend the brake lines, which is fairly simple job and also maybe compensate with longer shocks/ springs.
You could maybe to do a Spring over Axle configuration, but I am just assuming...anyone with experience please tell how we can increase the articulation and what the downsides are?
LJ70 - coils sprung all around, well said ...

Even more radical mods/upgrades are welcomed !!!!

Come on guys .... there must be LJ70's out there with massive articulation .....
I have a lj 78 that has almost the same coil sprung suspension as your lj70. Your right that the stock suspension can't even flex over a speed bump. The leading/trailing arm set up rides so smooth but dosn't flex. I used Dobinsons 4 inch lift coils and extended everything to fit and gained about four more inches of flex from stock. This was not good enough. The next move was to three link the rear. I went from 8 inches of wheel travel to 15 this worked very well. After a while The Dobinson coils leaned to the left bad and the front was always 1 inch lower then the front. Next was six inch lift coils from Rabbit Auto I brought back in my suite case from Japan. I now have around 17 inches of wheel travel with longer shocks.
This all took lots of welding, steel and planing. The front suspension still dosen't flex well. I will three link the front soon.
Beautiful !!!!! thanks for sharing!

if you can, pls provide some further details about the mod

Thanks for the reply!!!
Hey Foris. If you look on P 18 near the bottom under LJ78 6 inch lift with custom 3 link it will see my build.
This saves me from explaining again.
got it!

Thanks pradocruzer!

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