lighting question

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Feb 7, 2002
Pendleton Oregon
I swapped out a flourescent light housing in the shop from a 2 bulb to a 4 bulb setup. Wired everything how I it is supposed to, but now only 2 of the4 light up?

There isn't any loose wires and everything is hooked up. Has anyone ran into the same problem?

Check you're ballast, more than likely it's the culprit.
Ballast would be my guess as well.
Do the lamps that are not working have any glow to them at all? Have you swapped the lamps from to the working set to the one that does not work?

Look at the wiring diagram on the ballast and check it. Also pull on the wires that plug intio the ends. I have seen the fixture lamp ends wired wrong from the factory. If all checks out I would agree with others on a bad ballast.

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