Lexi got some new shoes!!!

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May 14, 2016
Metro Detroit Michigan USA
She arrived last night and I have to say I am very pleased!
Looks even better than expected, WOW ten years old, 52,500 and no creaks or rattles?
How did my Grand Cherokee, Cadillac and other American cars sound like they were falling apart before the end of even a 3 year lease???

Got insurance and registration taken care of this AM and then my guy at Belle Tire emailed to say my new wheels and tires were in and come over! Took a little longer than I had hope BUT she's got new shoes!

BFG AT KO2 285/60/18 and XD Machette wheels black and gray.

Next will be platidip the grill and badges, light tint on front windows and a Viper remote start.


bastard! I wanted these! just kidding, looks good!
@2001LC as of right now I am holding onto them
We do a big road trip yearly and I may keep them for that, not sure what I am going to do yet.

@DJCloz Thanks! I really wanted the Fuel wheels similar to these but their offset did not work and I really did not want to run spacers.
first they messed up and pulled out the all black ones which I REALLY did not want, luckily the tech just grabbed the wrong set from the shipment as it took them 2 days to get them in.
Running board delete!! Looks good man!!
Please tell us how you like how the tires perform. I am looking at these tires for my identical truck
Really happy with the tires.
I had the previous generation on my Rubicon UL. These ride even better and with the noise insulation on the LX you don't really hear anything. I was pleased in my JK and the newer ones in the LX are even quieter.
My friend has 30k on a set. He's done a 4 tire rotation consistently and they still look great.
I had Toyos before and am a loyal BFG fan for almost ten years now for my trucks.
I've been looking at putting these same wheels on my 99 but I wanted the 17x8.5 version with 285/70 R17 BFG KO2's. I know the overall tire size is essentially the same but would you happen to know if the difference in offset and backspace would cause any issues? Anyways, your set up looks awesome!
Sorry, I have no clue!
I went to Belle Tire as one of my good friends knows the manager well and they helped me with what would and wouldn't fit.

Do a search there are TONS of threads which will tell you what size tire will work and what back spacing will work.

If I had to guess I'd say I don't think it would work, I knew BS was an issue and finding wheels which would work was not easy.

Good luck!!!
Nice Wheels! I am torn between these and the Fuel Trophy 18s.
Very nice @WatchTimes!

Please tell us how you like how the tires perform. I am looking at these tires for my identical truck

Check the Tire forum on this site @Samak. There is a whole thread dedicated to the KO2s. I've got them on 16s and can't believe how quiet they are on the interstate at speed. Need to take them off road soon too to see how they ride there.

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