Lets see some pics of your FJ Cruisers

Mar 22, 2006
Auburn, WA.
July 24th 2006, the day I brought it home.
I had it built to order, and it was a long three month wait.

It evolved at a very past pace, and mods were redone later, as I do not have the setup on in the pic below anymore.

Axe/shovel were later moved to the rear of the stock rack via Four Treks mounts.

Stereo upgrades, DVD navigation, Sirius satellite radio, Focal speakers in the door, dash, and rear, and an Alpine four channel amp to drive them to very loud levels.

Duel 12v outlets in the rear above the stock 110v outlet, and a BlueSea aux. fusebox in the footwell.

Total Chaos upper control arms.
Also OME heavy duty springs up front, medium one back aft.

Dual battery setup with a Painless Wiring kit.

Springtail M-Packs that use military molle straps/bags.

Had to take off the Four Treks rear dual mount for the shovel and axe, moved the Hi-Lift to the ARB bumper via Four Treks mounts, and went with a Hi-Lift Handle-All shovel,axe, pic, and sledge that is in the cab behind the drivers seat.
Oh yeah, had to take off the rear Four Treks mounts to make way for my new penthouse. (AutoHome Maggiolina AirLand medium)

Custom rear cargobox that was designed for my old rig, a '91 4Runner.
Fits the FJ pretty good.
Also a Powertank, and two fire extinguishers.
One by the Powertank will not harm your wiring, as the agent is like Halon.
The cheap fire extinguisher to the far right is for outside fires not related to the rig.
It will ruin your wiring.

Rehinged the ARB fridge with a kit from a forum member here to allow the lid to open up all the way.

Added the Two Zone baskets later to organize the grub on top.

Yaesu 857D ham radio, install is not 100% done yet.
Main unit will go under passenger seat when I get back on track.

BajaRacks rear ladder.

Last weekend added a 60 watt foldable solar panel for keeping the batteries juiced up while running the ARB fridge and tent light when camping.
Whole article here.

Complete buildup of my rig is in my sig below, but the above is a quick rundown on some of my favorite mods.
Apr 24, 2007
nice ride Corey-lot's of tlc there-where'd you pick up that cargo rack/storage bags?? nice.
Jan 29, 2009
Ft. Worth, Texas
Here are a few pics of my FJ (a.k.a. The DangerBuggy):

Pic w/ the new Outrider Suspension Armor TBFJ Series front bumper

My (truly) bulletproof skid plate made from the forward bulkhead armor out of an A-7II Corsair jet fighter.

Rally running near our farm in west Texas.

Jul 4, 2006
Here is mine, bought from my dad.

I install the lift and bud built skid plate. i'm going to use it more for expedition camping truck. I rather use the BJ for serious wheeling ;)
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